Space Committee Request

About the Space Committees

Indiana University takes great pride in providing beautiful yet functional campus spaces to help students, faculty, and staff do their best work. 

The IU Bloomington and IU Indianapolis Space Planning Committees have been established by President Pamela Whitten to create a clear mechanism for the discussion and review of the physical space needs of faculty and staff. The committees are comprised of campus leaders whose diverse perspectives will ensure requests by academic and administrative units for additional and modified campus space are evaluated in the context of continued efficient, effective, and resourceful utilization of our campus spaces. 

Beginning with these space committees for the IU Bloomington and IU Indianapolis campuses, this initiative establishes a clear and transparent process for space requests for the future needs of the university. At this time, requests related to space needs at other IU campuses should be directed to the Offices of the Chancellor for those respective campuses.

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The committees’ main function is to evaluate space requests generated by executive leaders in academic and administrative units and provide recommendations to the university president for final approval. Deans, vice presidents, chancellors/vice chancellors, provosts/vice provosts, and executive directors (or their chosen delegates) are examples of those who may submit requests to the committees for consideration. The space committee evaluation process is intended to review requests that have already completed a unit’s internal vetting prior to submission, and should be taken as a serious statement of need for future successful work pursuits of the requestor and their unit.