Energy Management & Utilities

Units within Energy Management and Utilities

Utility Distribution operates and maintains campus distribution systems for the Bloomington campus:

  • chilled water
  • electric power
  • domestic water
  • sanitary sewer
  • storm water
  • steam and steam condensate

Utility Information Group is the central clearinghouse for information about utilities on all IU campuses.

At IU Bloomington, the Utility Information Group locates, meters, and documents all utility activity, and documents and issues excavation permits for IU utilities.

Utility Information Group provides the following services:


If you need a utility located or have questions about excavation permits, contact Don Goodwin, Systems Coordinator, at or 812-856-1147.


The Utility Information Group has installed an automated radio-read metering system on the IU Bloomington campus with water, steam, electric, and gas meters that report readings into the system.

Documentation and mapping

All utilities that are repaired, replaced, or installed are documented by the Utility Information Group.


The Utility Information Group staff partners with the IU Office of Sustainability to raise awareness and build support for energy conservation.

Utility Production is responsible for operating the central steam heating plant, as well as four central chilled water plants on the Bloomington campus.

Central heating plant

Utility Production staff operate and maintain five boilers that produce steam for campus heat, humidification, and hot water.

Central chilled water plants

Utility Production plants produce and distribute chilled water to cool building spaces throughout campus.