Electricity Data

Electricity Data

View real-time electric load and daily electric use for the Bloomington campus.

This data is available only to IU-internal users - ADS login and connection to IU's network required; use SSL VPN if off-campus.

The bulk of the Bloomington campus is supplied power via the central campus electric distribution system. The charts below represent the electricity supplied to this distribution system via six master distribution meters. These meters record electric load data at fifteen minute intervals. The charts are updated with the most recent data from the meters as the data is recorded. Therefore, hourly data is complete at the start of the following hour, and daily data is complete at the start of the following day.

The Real-Time Power Use chart displays the total hourly electric load across all six meters for the current week's day/hour relative to the same day/hour of the prior week.

The Daily Energy Use chart displays the total electricity delivered per day for each of the six meters during the most recent 30 day period.

Hovering over an element in the chart will provide greater detail.