Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Fine Arts Center Expansion

Completion date
July 2013
Project type
Major New Building/Expansion
Primary use
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Project budget

External budget
Total budget

Project description

An additional 16,400 square feet of space was constructed in the Herron Ceramics and Sculpture Building located on the IUPUI campus. Work included enlarging the metal courtyard space for Sculpture program, the Ceramics program kiln courtyard, and the refuse area for the Ceramics program. The sculpture courtyard incorporates a graduate foundry space, and the ceramics kiln courtyard on the first floor consists of graduate studio space for 20 students. Both have a common area equipped with deep laundry tub sinks, floor drains, storage, and emergency eye washes. A large utility elevator was installed for accessibility to the second floor. The second floor of the ceramics kiln courtyard has offices for faculty, studio space for figure drawing, and a large multipurpose room for exhibition and critique space. The main entry to the addition utilized the existing slip-casting studio space and is highly visible, with large double doors and an eight-foot walkway.

Eskenazi Fac 2
Eskenazi Fac 2